Terms and Conditions rental Villa El Cielo en la Tierra

Article 1: Realization lease agreement

1.1 The rental agreement is established as soon as the lessor accepts the rental request. Acceptance can be done by telephone, e-mail and in writing. Every acceptance is confirmed by means of a booking confirmation. The main tenant must always check his / her personal details stated on the booking confirmation.

1.2 The person who enters into a rental agreement on behalf or for the benefit of another party is jointly and severally liable for all obligations arising from the agreement.

1.3 After the reservation the invoice, also confirmation, will be sent to you by e-mail. Your (down) payment is also your reservation request. The down payment must be paid immediately, after which the reservation is made final.


Article 2: Prices

2.1 The rental prices do not include a deposit of € 300, which you pay with the last installment of the rent and final cleaning € 125, = to be paid on site to the key manager, but including the additional service costs such as that of energy up to a consumption of 200 kWh per week (additional consumption is calculated at € 0.45 per kWh), water and linen.


Article 3: Cancellation and damage insurance

You are advised to take out cancellation and travel insurance yourself if you want to enter into a rental agreement with the landlord. This reimburses all sorts of costs that arise if the tenant is forced to abort or cancel his holiday. A continuous cancellation and travel insurance is also valid for holidays in the other countries.


Article 4: Payment

4.1 At the conclusion of the rental agreement a down payment of at least 30% of the total agreed rent must be paid.

4.2 The remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 6 weeks before the start of the rental period.

4.3 If the rental agreement is concluded within 2 months before the day of commencement of the rental period, the entire rental sum must be paid in one go within 14 days after completion and in any case before the start of the rental period.

4.4 In the event of overdue payment, the rental agreement can be terminated with immediate effect after summons, after which the cancellation rules apply to the main tenant.


Article 5: Maximum number of persons, bring pets and smoking

5.1 A maximum of the number of people specified when booking may stay in the holiday home. That number may not be exceeded under any circumstances. In case of overrun, the rental agreement is considered to have been dissolved by operation of law and the access to the house is refused without any refund of the rent.

5.2 Bringing pets is not allowed.

5.3 It is not allowed to smoke in the house.


Article 6: Arrival and departure times

6.1 The arrival time is between 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Later check-in or check-out is sometimes possible after prior consultation. Additional fees may be charged. If you deviate from the agreed time on arrival, you must make a telephone appointment with the key manager. If the tenant is not present at the agreed time, the landlord can not be held liable for any financial consequences. Upon arrival, you will be taken care of by the key manager.

6.2 The house must be delivered broom clean and in an orderly state and the garbage must be removed by the tenant to the designated collection points. Any comments and remarks and damage found should be communicated to the administrator within 24 hours.

6.3 The time on the day of departure is no later than 10:00 am and will be discussed with the tenant. The key manager will be present for an inspection and receipt of the keys, unless agreed otherwise.


Article 7: Obligations of the tenant - Care of house and environment - Damage - Final cleaning - Liability

7.1 The rented property must be occupied by the tenants with due care and care, taking into account the peace and the environment. If the tenant does not act as a good tenant or causes serious obstacles or a burden for his environment, he / she may be denied further access to the property and the lease agreement is terminated by law without being entitled to a refund of the rent.

7.2 If the tenant unexpectedly damages the rented house and / or inventory, this must be reported immediately to the landlord. The related repair and replacement costs should be reimbursed immediately on site. The main tenant can then immediately apply for the insurance cover concluded by him / her. The main tenant is liable for the damage caused by him / her, by co-tenants and any visitors, even if this damage is discovered after your departure.

7.3 Final cleaning. The house must be delivered broom clean on your departure. Furniture that has been moved must be put back in its own place. Dishes with accessories must be cleaned and the dishwasher must be tidied up. The lessor has the right to charge extra cleaning costs if the house has been delivered in a contaminated state.

7.4 Linen is provided in the form of duvet covers, coversheets, slips, hand and tea towels, bath towels and poolside towels.

7.5 Civil Liability. The tenant is advised to insure his civil liability in case of fire caused by him to the house concerned.


Article 8: Changes by the tenant

8.1 Until 28 days before the commencement date, the tenant may request changes to the lease agreement, which will be applied as far as possible.

8.2 The change costs are € 15 per change.

8.3 From 28 days before commencement date, change is no longer possible.


Article 9: Cancellation by the tenant

9.1 In case of cancellation, the main tenant owes the following amounts:

- Cancellation from the day of booking to 42 days before the day of arrival: 30% of the rent.

- Cancellation from the 42nd day until the 28th day before the date of arrival: 60% of the rent.

- Cancellation from the 28th day up to the day of arrival 90% of the rent.

- In case of cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the total rental amount.

9.2 A tenant who can not claim reimbursement of cancellation costs on the basis of a cancellation insurance taken out by him, can propose another suitable person to take his place on the following conditions:

- The other tenant meets all conditions in the rental agreement.

- The request can be submitted no later than 7 days before the date of arrival.

- That the other tenant provides a written statement that he / she has taken note of the rental agreement and the general terms and conditions and accepts them.

9.3 The change costs are € 50.


Article 10: Cancellations by landlord

10.1 Landlord can only cancel the lease because of weighty circumstances. The tenant in this case is entitled to a refund of the already paid part of the rent.

10.2 Lessor has the right to terminate the rental agreement without being liable for any damage in case of force majeure such as political unrest, war, nuclear disasters, natural disasters, general strikes, fire, etc.


Article 11: Liability of the lessor

11.1 Lessor is obliged to the proper execution of the obligations arising from the rental agreement.

11.2 If the assignment relates to a rental of property offered by the lessor, the lessor accepts no liability, except in case of intent or gross negligence, for any damage, directly or indirectly.

11.3 Lessor is not liable for damage resulting from shortcomings in the implementation of the rental agreement on the basis of circumstances attributable to the lessee, including damages resulting from the health condition of the lessee.

11.4 Lessor also accepts no liability for damage for which travel and / or cancellation costs provide cover for insurance companies, or for damage suffered by the lessee in the exercise of his profession or business.

11.5 In the event the lessor can be held liable for loss of rental enjoyment, the compensation will never exceed the maximum rental amount once.

11.6 The Lessor is not liable for temporary outages or faults in and around the home of water and / or energy management, heating installation, nor for changes in access routes, transport, transfer and / or closure of shops, companies, etc.

11.7 The landlord can not accept responsibility for noise, building and construction work, street breakouts etc. around the house, insofar as these have not been announced in advance.

11.8 Landlord is never liable for damage, material or physical, incurred in or around the home.